Set the router to access Internet in different time

Internet Access Times

Changing the time allowed for an Internet connection to be made is a relatively simple operation that can provide a tremendous amount of peace of mind. Children, guests, or employees can sometimes access undesirable content on the Internet despite the best efforts to keep this arena restricted to wholesome edification and due diligence.

The local router settings can be obtained by entering the numerical Internet address 192.168.l.l to connect to the website for the hardware. Inside this site many different options are available to stiffen the security of the router. An office or home can be customized securely at the discretion of the administrator.

On the homepage for the router located at 192.168.l.l there are several tabs at the top of the page; a username and password may be required. Click on the tab with the name Access Restrictions to open the page for changing the time when the Internet is available.

The next page will show checkboxes labeled with days of the week and times of day for choosing when the Internet is accessible. Set the router for assorted times on multiple days to allow or deny the Internet connection and then just simply click the button on the bottom right of the screen labeled save settings to finish.